Our Process

As a leading bathroom remodeling company in Eastern Maryland, Quality 1 Day Bath believes in transparency, educating our clients and thorough communication so that proper expectations are set. Below you will find details of our design process as well as the 1-Day Remodeling process. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email info@quality1daybath.com or call us today at 410-228-1DAY (1329).

Our Design & Order Process

Free In-Home Estimate

One of our bathroom design specialists will come to your home to discuss your project and determine the best custom bath solution based on your wants and needs. During this meeting, your specialist will go over the extensive variety of options available to you, such as styles and accessories. We will perform a thorough inspection of the bathroom, take measurements, make recommendations, and provide you with a design/rendering that you get to keep.
Once we determine the best solution for you and you are equipped with all of the information you need to make an informed decision, we’ll provide you with an exact price of what the investment will be for your remodel project.

Upon Purchase of your custom Bath System

Once you decide to move forward with your remodeling project, we will set an appointment to come to your home and perform a detailed survey for material ordering and to verify the order for accuracy. The surveyor then formally structures the order, which is reviewed again by our production department before your order is placed with the manufacturer. We believe in multiple levels of checks and balances to ensure your project goes smoothly! 

custom bath system ordered

Products are ordered from the manufacturer and can take between 3-4 weeks for production and shipping. In times of inclement weather, this time time may increase but we will always communicate with you every step of the way! There is ongoing communication between the time your order is placed and the time of installation.


Once we are notified by the manufacturer that your order is shipping, we will contact you to schedule an installation date.
We will contact you prior to install as a friendly reminder to prepare the remodel area, removing any items that could be damaged as a result of the construction.

1-Day Remodeling Process

Step 1: Project start

Day of installation: At approximately 9am, your installer arrives.

Step 2: Bath and wetspace removal

Existing shower or tub base is removed. Old tile and any other materials are removed. We also remove the old drain assembly.

Step 3: Installation

We install a brand-spanking-new drain assembly! Same goes with the plumbing behind the wall from the shower head down to the drain assembly. We install a pressure-balanced, temperature controlled valve. Your new custom acrylic shower base or tub replacement is installed. We follow the base installation with your custom fitted acrylic wall system. For walk-in tubs, wall systems are optional. After the walls are installed, we install a custom fitted acrylic ceiling panel to prevent mold that typically forms in bathrooms as a result of condensation over time.

Step 4: Accessories & Fixtures

Accessories are installed such as corner shelves, soap dish, designer grab bars, and seating. Fixtures are installed. This includes shower heads or hand held options as well as your valve trim kit.

Step 5: Finishing

We finish your custom shower system by making sure all corners and edges have a  smooth, seamless, professional finish. 

If your project includes remodeling outside of the wetspace area, it will be completed at this time. We have the ability to install designer acrylic material to replace tile, as well as fixtures, flooring and wainscot located outside of the wetspace area. This can extend the installation time of your project but usually not more than 1 day. 

Step 6: Inspection

Upon completion, your installer will perform a quality inspection with you at his side. He will explain how to operate your new custom bath system, review features, explain how to keep your wetspace clean, and answer any questions you may have. 

Have questions? Give us a shout!

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